Our mission is to represent the engineering student body, support engineering groups in reaching their full potential, and promote a diverse community through successful collaboration between students, faculty, groups, and the College of Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: A great way to get advice is to talk to upperclassmen in your classes and clubs about coursework. If you’re looking for a more professional opinion, you can get help from your engineering counselor by scheduling an appointment here. There is also peer counseling available through sources such as Engineering Peer Advising and Cal Career Peer Advisors. Our academic support page goes into more detail about counseling as well as other academic resources. Take a look here.

A: Join student organizations! It’s a great way to meet new people. Having frequent and organized meetings helps you stay connected even during the busiest weeks. Take a look at our affiliated organizations here.

A: As the official student government for the College of Engineering, ESC works to foster a safe and inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities for the enrichment of extracurricular experiences of ALL engineering students. With principles focused on equity, inclusion, safety, and transparency, ESC’s new Affiliation Process is designed to promote a healthier climate within the engineering clubs on campus. Our ultimate hope is that clubs, through this new process, will re-examine their current culture and make changes that positively impact student life at Berkeley Engineering. In exchange for their commitment to this process, affiliated organizations will receive benefits from ESC, including funding, training, and publicity. To learn more, click here!